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7 Factors to Consider when Buying the Best 8 Person Tent

Once your family or friends decide to go camping, do not rush to buy an 8 person tent. Now it the best time to look for the best 8 person tent, especially if you are buying a tent for the first time. Also, there are so many 8 person tents on the market, which makes it difficult to buy the right one.

Here are the factors to consider when buying the best 8 person tent.

the best 8 person tent

1. Weather Resistance

Do not buy a tent because it is cheap. You must buy a tent that can provide enough protection for your family or friends. That means looking for a tent that repels rain, snow, and cannot be blown away. Also, make sure the tent is warm to keep you warm. Choose a tent that repels rain and snow.

2. The Weight

A good tent is not only made of strong and durable materials. It is also made from lightweight materials. If you are planning to trek for several hours, choose a lightweight tent because it is easy to carry it. However, if you are car camping, the weight of the tent should not be an issue.

3. Setup

Do not buy an 8 person tent before trying it out. You can try setting it up before buying it. Setting it up can help you know if the tent is easy to set up. Some new campers do not practice setting up their tents. So, they end up wasting several hours in campgrounds setting up their tents. Buy a tent that is easy to set up if you want to enjoy your camping experience.


spacious 8 person tent

4. Comfort

Is the tent comfortable? An 8 person tent is usually big, but it may have small rooms. A good tent gives enough space for napping, sleeping, reading, and hanging out with your friends. Therefore, check the space of the tent before buying it. Do not buy a tent that offers a small space, especially if you are camping with adults only.

5. Durable

A good tent is durable because it is well made and made of quality materials. If you are not sure about the materials used to make the tent, talk to the manufacturer. 8 person tents are expensive, so do not spend your hard-earned money on a tent made of low-quality materials. This is because it will not last for a long time. Durable tents will save you money in the long run.

6. Ventilation

Nowadays, manufacturers use fireproof fabric to make fire-resistant tents. This is because of lawsuits. Unfortunately, fireproof tent fabric does not breathe. Therefore, you will feel like you are sleeping in a plastic bag if your tent has poor ventilation. That is why you must choose a tent with adequate ventilation. A good tent has more doors and a lot more mesh to increase airflow.

best 8 person tent reviews7. Wind Resistance

8 person tents are usually tall. That means they can easily be affected by high winds. If you like standing up inside the tent, look for a tent with more wind resistance.

These are the factors to consider when buying the best 8 person tent.


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