How Your Office Chair Can Cause Neck Pain

Neck pain is frequent among people with sedentary jobs. When you sit at your desk for several hours in a row every day, you put a lot of strain on your back and on your neck. This may lead to severe health problems and to neck pain you’re going to need to address. Here’s how you can avoid getting this kind of pain by choosing the right office chair for you.

Chairs have a great influence on the health problem

Your choice of office chair will have a direct influence on your health. In order to avoid neck and back pain, you need to maintain a healthy body posture while you work. Sitting at a desk and staring into a computer screen for long hours doesn’t necessarily result in neck pain. For this, you need to do your best to maintain your good posture throughout the working day. Unfortunately, a cheap, low-quality office chair can’t support you in preventing neck pain. On the contrary, it will put even more strain on your neck and on your spine, as well as on your eyes.

Make sure your chair can adjust the height

A good office chair should allow you to set the height, as well as the angle your body makes with the vertical. You should be able to set the height to allow your head to maintain an upright position while looking at the computer screen. Also, your feet should sit on the floor while you work. Your shins should be perfectly perpendicular to the floor. If you thought that the position of your legs has no influence on your spine, it is time for you to find out that you were wrong. All bones in your body are interconnected. They work together as a whole to support your body and to enable you to perform a series of actions such as walking, sitting, and standing. An incorrect posture of your legs or hips will have an influence on all bones in your spine. You can develop severe neck pains, simply because your office chair prevents you from adopting a healthy working posture. Looking down at your screen is a surefire recipe for disaster.

best chair for neck pain

The one with arms is the best choice

It’s best to pick an office chair that has solid arms. You won’t be using these arms while working, but you’ll surely enjoy them during your resting periods. Also, make sure your office chair features a solid backrest. Firm back support is a must, particularly when you have to sit for many hours a day, every day. If you spend a lot of time gaming, you should consider buying an office chair with head support.

The main point is that you can prevent neck pain by investing in a high-quality office chair with adjustable height, with solid backrest and with comfortable arms. If you overlook the importance of choosing the right chair, you’ll probably develop neck pain that will send you straight to your doctor’s office. Furthermore, even when you have the most awesome chair on the market, you’d still need to make sure that you set it to allow you to maintain a healthy posture while you sit.

best office chair for neck pain